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About us

What is BeClinic?

BeClinic is a unique polish store with premium dietary supplements and organic cosmetics.
It is a brand designed with a holistic approach towards human body.
We provide natural dietary and cosmetic products of the highest quality, which support the human body in its natural regeneration processes and sustaining optimal health. The selection of ingredients and their synergistic effects are the results of work of specialists in pharmacy and cosmetology.

About us

Why BeClinic

Our salon is the only place where you will find so meticulously selected and harmonised premium range of dietary supplements from around the world with the most exceptional concentrations of active substances on the market and maximum effectiveness.

We certainly do not accept any artificial fillers, dyes or additives.


Only natural ingredients

The ecological cosmetics that can be found among our offer contain only ingredients of exclusively natural origin. Vegetable substances and minerals, extracts from the most exquisite herbs which have been used for years in natural cosmetics and medicine, are responsible for the regulation of all basic life and regenerative processes.

We make sure that none of our products are tested on animals.

Certified suppliers

The effectiveness of premium dietary supplements and organic cosmetics that we provide in our salon, is guaranteed by cooperating only with certified suppliers.


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Should you consider opening up a BeClinic stand, just get in touch with us!

Where we are

Where we are:

C.H. Riviera

ul. Kazimierza Górskiego 2
81-304 Gdynia, Poland

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BeClinic Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

C.H. Riviera
ul. Kazimierza Górskiego 2
81-304 Gdynia
NIP: 5862308595

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tel. +48 575 480 400